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Arena Season 5 has started!

Hello Community,We are glad to welcome the Arena Season 5 in Algalon, we hope you enjoy it. We will announce soon the correspondant rewards for this season as well as the Arena ladders release."Some of you are thinking that you won't fight. Others, that you can't fight. They all say that, until they're o...


Send us your screenshots and videos.

Hello Community,After this huge work overload, we can start retaking gradually our hall of fame and Media section. So, with this, we want to encourage every player to send us your screenshots and videos taken in Dalaran-WoW, which will be also shared and uploaded to our official Social Networks.Remember that ...


Shops now available in both realms

Hello community,The shops have already been synchronized with both of the realms. It is pretty easy to use them but we are going to explain few of the simple steps and some other extra information. Note that we will not be offering any kind of refunding because of mistakes or anything similar.- Make...


The Obsidian Sanctum - the powerful Onyxian threat.

A new danger is threatening our world: Sartharion the Onyx Guardian and his three drake lieutenants.In the Chamber of Aspects inside the black dragonflight area, a clutch of twilight dragon eggs are located within the Obsidian Sanctum. Dalaran\'s Council of Six are in the hopes that able-blodied adventurers c...


Instant 70 now available on Algalon

Hello there,Now you can enjoy this feature also on Algalon Realm. It is really easy to use, but please take a look to this post so that you do not make any mistake: to be sure of which character f...