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Welcome to the Tournament.

Welcome to the Tournament. We seek the Legends of Ulduar, the same who destroyed the twilight threat that Sartharion sheltered inside the Obsidian Sanctum, purged the scourge necropolis of Naxxramas by defeating the Archlich Kel'Thuzad, confronted Malygos the Spellweaver in the Eye of Eternity and are dare...


PvE Tournament: The Legends of Dalaran - Ulduar.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran, In the taverns all across Azeroth a song can be heard, one song played by the bards, yet no one remembers the first one to sing it. It is heard around all over the place, but everyone knows the truth, it is an echo of our citizens, inside our memory, it will be spread in times of...


News and release dates.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran, Various events and new content are about to come to Dalaran WoW, although a little later than we would have liked. I will summarize them: -Regarding the PvE Tournament: Legends of Dalaran, the tournament will start during the 1st of May and will consist of two stages - one w...


Incoming updates.

Greeting Citizens of Dalaran, Between Raid tier releases, we generally work on server improvements and bug fixes and we would like to inform you about the contents of the next large server update that we've been working on for the past few months. As promised, we aim for content perfection, polishing up th...


Near future plans.

Hello there Citizens of Dalaran, We would like to let our community know about the next steps we will perform during the next months. I would also like to communicate that Trial of the Crusader's release shall be delayed a little bit (originally it was planned to be launched during late march) because we wa...