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Dalaran-WoW schedule, tasks and general information.

Hello there Citizens of Dalaran,We just wanted to give a small heads up and notify to the community about our intentions and development schedule, as well as other general information.As you probably already know, we are a small team and  we have been for quite a while focusing on Ulduar and in some smal...


Dalaran-WoW recruiting Game Masters.

Hello there community,For the first time, we are opening our circle and recruiting new staff members in order to help us with ingame tasks, as well as forums moderation. We are looking forward to have you in our ranks after Ulduar is released and stabilized.This is not just a recruitment where we are looking ...


Ulduar Beta testing.

Hello Community,Are you prepared for Ulduar? Well, we will take advantage of this new to announce that we are finishing the development of which (in our eyes) is the most epic raid ever created.With this, and prior to the official release during the month of August, we will give the opportunity to test it to ...


Obsidius guild: Winners of the Speed Challenge.

We would like to congratulate to Obsidius, the winners of the Speed challenge in both modes, 10 and 25 players. Which is not only about skills, but dedication and organization. Congrats in behalf of Dalaran WoW staff, you really deserve it.Surprisingly, we have a draw on Naxxramas speed run. Obsidius and Agai...


PvE Tournament: Tier 7 Speed Challenge starts today.

Welcome ladies and gentleman to The Legends of Dalaran, our PvE Tournament.It does start today and we present the first phase: The Speed Challenge, and it will consist on 3 stages:Stage 1 (20th-26th June): Vault of Archavon and Eye of Eternity.Stage 2 (27th June -3rd July): Obsidian Sanctum.Stage 3 (4th-...