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Feast of Winter Veil

Ho ho!Enjoy the Feast of Winter Veil on Dalaran-WoW, if you are good the Great-father Winter shall let you open his gifts soon.We would like to wish you a fantastic event and holidays....


Random Dungeon Finder is now enabled.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,The Random Dungeon Finder is now enabled on Algalon realm, with the following traits Low level rewards will remain untouched and players will be rewarded normally - i.e. both experience and bags.Gold rewards will remain untouched and players will be rewarded normally.Since we ar...


Back to normal: Information.

Hello there,We want to clarify some possible doubts about certain matters, and take advantage of this post to inform about on what we are currently working:You can PLAY NORMALLY with us, as always. Just be sure you have changed your realmlist to: set realmlist Right aft...



Hello there, We want to notify you that we have changed our realmlist. If you want to log in game you must change your current one to: set realmlist logon.dalaran-server.comHow to change the realmlist? Close your WoW client.Go to your WoW folder (3.3.5a client version).Go to Data folder.Go to e...


Do you want to test out our raids? Read this.

Hello Community,Well, as you probably know we will open our PTR realm for those players who are currently playing in other servers but they want to check our High End raiding quality before decide if they start with us or not. The players shall jump directly into the raids, prepared to just play them. You can...