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Secrets of Ulduar release date: September 26th.

Hello Community,After such hard work, the Ulduar release date has been decided: it will be released on September 26th. The arena season will end during the September 25th.I have to say, I am insanely thankfull to all those beta testers who have spent hours testing every single mode in Ulduar - like mentioned ...


Meet Khestar, a new developer in our ranks.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,As you probably already know, I have so far been the only developer of Dalaran-WoW since the project started. This path of solitude granted me concentration, made me focus all my senses on this work and pour my lifeblood into it.I feel Dalaran-WoW as my child, made with all the love,...


Ulduar Beta has finished.

Greetings,Our Ulduar Beta testing has finished and now we are pretty much polishing the last details, in order to have it as perfected as possible before the official release.There were some things that we, as a small group of testers, could not notice without having a full group of members in actio...


Ulduar pre-nerf Beta Test: Friday 29th, 18:00 ST.

Hello there Community,We have sent all the Beta Test invitations already and as you all probably know, we are finishing the last details for it. The Beta test will start the next friday 29th, at 18:00 Server Time.Every invited player and guild, must have his character prepared during this wednesday 27th, beca...


Dalaran-WoW schedule, tasks and general information.

Hello there Citizens of Dalaran,We just wanted to give a small heads up and notify to the community about our intentions and development schedule, as well as other general information.As you probably already know, we are a small team and  we have been for quite a while focusing on Ulduar and in some smal...